Enterprise Network Infrastructure Services

In today’s ever challenging and growing business world, a business’s network is the key to success. Our company is dominant in providing Network Infrastructure Services to clients. These services are extensively appreciated by the clients for promptness, timely delivered, trustworthiness, hassle-free management and flexibility.

 Selecting the right service provider to support your network infrastructure is essential to the success of your business. We take pride in placing network infrastructure solutions for the customer’s needs before all else. We aim to provide the highest quality of support, which our customers have come to expect from us. Network Infrastructure Services are provided with the help of good experts, professionals, who understand the different need of clients and provide the solution as per their need and requirement.

 These services are demanded all over the country. If you have a plan to deploy new or emerging technologies or if you are looking to upgrade/optimize your network, look no further, as we can help you. By using hybrid vendor technologies, we specialize in designing networks and have already successfully deployed many of these solutions.

 We’ll take a look at your existing IT infrastructure to see where you might have latency issues, legacy systems, or other challenges that put a squeeze on your resources. This also includes security (things like Identity & Access Management, etc.)

We offer proactive support and staff training across your entire IT infrastructure, and provide solutions that are designed to work in your business world – using a blend of cloud services and on-premise systems.

Everything is fully managed for you, so you can carry on with what’s important to your organization.

Our network infrastructure services include

Conair Technology Network Infrastructure Services team helps clients conceive and architect their network with the highest service level agreement possible.

  • LAN, WAN, and wireless services
  • High-speed backbone designs
  • Load balancing, switch architecture & design
  • MPLS design, deployment & support.
  • Wireless networks for enterprise
  • Edge services for enterprise
  • Mobile edge networks: connectivity, security, increasing redundancies, and more
  • Software networking solutions from Cisco ACI
  • Software networking solutions from Vmware NSX